Maya NPR Framework

The Non-photorealistic Rendering Framework

Maya NPR Framework

The Maya Non-photorealistic Rendering Framework (MNPR) is a direct 3D stylization framework developed as part of my PhD research in Real-time Watercolor Rendering of 3D Objects and Animation with Enhanced Control. It partially contains and supports the technology found in:

It proposes a direct stylization framework for Expressive Rendering, another common term for Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR), directly in the Maya viewport. This makes the system instantly familiar to artists accustomed to the software. The backend is developed using C++ and HLSL/GLSL, whereas the frontend is being handled through Python and MEL. 

The framework has been open-sourced under the MIT License and it can be found at GitHub and NTU’s data repository.

For more information, please visit MNPR’s official website.


MNPR features:

  • Direct 3D stylization pipeline with real-time feedback in the Maya viewport
  • Thoroughly documented code to ease implementation of different styles
  • Tool palette to art-direct stylizations with multiple levels of control
  • NPR agnostic architecture
  • Easy installation