Santiago's corner

Yogyakarta - Indonesia 2018

I am Santiago Montesdeoca Ph.D. (Singapore), a hybrid artist/engineer/researcher with profound interest and expertise in non-photorealistic and expressive rendering methodologies. My recent Ph.D. research has led me to publish award-winning papers in the field and to present my work at SIGGRAPH’s Real-Time Live! and Pixar Animation Studios.

My personal aim is to empower artists to fully express themselves in any style using 3D computer animation. Therefore, I develop customized technology, optimized for real-time art-direction to alleviate animation workflows and enable individual narratives through unique looks.

In my free time I enjoy dancing, eating/preparing delicious food, taking photographs of moments and places, traveling, watching/imagining/creating movies, snowboarding, playing a game here and there, playing guitar and being outside under the sunlight.

Ex Lucasfilm jedi, EF entrepreneur, NTU-IGS computer graphics Ph.D., co-founder, HdM audiovisual media engineer, farm manager and more, which can be seen in my:




Most of my undergoing in life is documented here to keep my interested readers (mostly family and close friends) updated. This section is a continuation from my previous blog, for a new stage of my life.

The final semester

My final semester as a PhD student, open-sourcing code, juggling papers, thesis and somehow keeping up with life in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan (Jan 2018 - Aug 2018)

15 min read

Expressive, Siggraph and life in 2017

Expressive and Siggraph 2017, keying of effects, a new stylized multi-platform rendering framework and life in 2017 (Aug 2017 - Dec 2017)

16 min read

Singapore, full steam ahead!

Back in Singapore, preparing for two conferences: Expressive and Siggraph 2017 (Feb 2017 - Aug 2017)

11 min read

From Singapore to Grenoble

Internship at Inria in Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes, my first journal publication, teaching Rigging for Animation (Oct 2016 - Feb 2017)

7 min read

Wake me up, when September ends

Developing an NPR agnostic system, attending the Society of Animation Studies conference, research in the hands of artists, USLS 2016 and internship at INRIA (May-Sep 2016)

11 min read

The perks of being a PhD student

My first paper, my last two classes, watercolor shortfilm/test, Lindy Hop performance and my first conference: Expressive 2016 (Jan-May 2016)

10 min read