Watercolor Stylization

Henry © Oculus Story Studio

The Watercolor Stylization brings real-time watercolor rendering of 3D objects and animation directly within the Maya viewport.

Pigment Density

Defines the global concentration of pigments placed over a substrate, giving the render a more saturated and darker look.

Pigment Density between 0 and 20.

Edge Darkening Intensity

Defines the global strength of the edge darkening effect.

Edge Darkening Intensity between 0 and 3.

Edge Darkening Width

Defines the global width for the edge darkening effect.

Edge Darkening Width between 0 and 10.

Make sure to also increase the Edge Darkening Intensity attribute with wide edges, as wider edges dilute pigmentation.

Bleeding Radius

Defines the maximum global width for the bleeding effects.

Bleeding radius between 0 and 20.

Drybrush Threshold

Defines the global sharpness of the drybrush application.

Drybrush Threshold between 0 and 20.

Max Gaps Overlaps Width

Defines the maximum global width of the gaps & overlaps effect.

Drybrush Threshold between 0 and 5.

It is the first watercolor stylization pipeline of MNPR based on algorithms algorithms found in:

For visual results, please visit the individual publication posts.

The style is included for free in MNPR and has been further refined in MNPRX for different production requirements.


  • Watercolor materials
  • Pigment turbulence
  • Granulation & dry-brush
  • Edge darkening (control over width and intensity)
  • Gaps & Overlaps
  • Substrate distortion
  • Color bleeding (Wet-in-Wet)