Flair - Alpha

The Alpha version is ready for a second round of testing!

Flair is our newest software, which we have been developing alongside MNPRX.

Have you ever wanted to modify the styles that we provide with MNPRX, or even create your own?
We are now looking for motivated alpha testers for our node-based real-time graphics engine!

User study for Beta version


- A node-based real-time graphics engine -
- Non-destructive image processing in the GPU -
- Standalone or in combination with MNPRX (Maya) -
- Use, modify and even create your own stylization pipelines -
- Create your own art-direction tools to control any effect -
- Render out images and image sequences in combination with Maya -


- Operating System: Windows [Linux and MacOS for v1 release] -
- Discrete Graphics Card [Nvidia - tested, AMD - help us test it] -
- Autodesk Maya (optional) -

What do I need to do as an alpha tester

- Use Flair and have fun exploring/creating differet styles -
- Report any bug you encounter -
- Fill out a questionnaire for the User Study after two weeks -

We want Flair to be the perfect solution to bridge your image-processing needs and workflow in production.
Help us make this a reality!

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We can’t wait for you to get started and help Flair reach its full potential.