The non-commercial (NC) and commercial versions of MNPRX (Indie, Studio) differ visually in two ways: Quality and Resolution.

Quality (Anti-aliasing)

The non-commercial version only comes with the Standard quality, which doesn’t involve our custom anti-aliasing solutions. Commercial versions can take advantage of Temporal Anti-Aliasing for perfect results.

Standard Quality: Without anti-aliasing
TAA Quality: Featuring Temporal Anti-Aliasing in MNPRX Indie and Studio licenses


The non-commercial version can render at resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p - Full HD). The commercial version doesn’t have any resolution restrictions imposed by the plugin and can render at any given resolution that the graphics’ card supports.

Different resolutions visualized
Comparison of different image resolutions.

Rendering at 8K requires a lot of video memory, we are working on implementing tiled rendering to overcome this bottleneck.

Table of Contents

  1. Quality (Anti-aliasing)
  2. Resolution