Because MNPRX is a real-time renderer, you may want to integrate offline rendered passes (i.e., soft shadows, GI, reflection/refraction) with MNPRX to achieve the final stylized visuals that you are after.

For this purpose, we have recreated some stylizations within The Foundry’s Nuke, which are available for MNPRX Indie and Studio subscribers. These stylizations can be downloaded from the Indie/Studio group within the Artineers community. Register in the community and ask for permission to join the group once you have purchased an Indie or Studio license of MNPRX.

Compositing MNPRX stylizations in Nuke

A brief introduction into the MNPRX stylizations in Nuke, how to load MNPRX passes, the MNPRX stylization and how to combine it with offline rendered passes.

MNPRX AOV’s explained

To truly master the MNPRX stylization in Nuke, you need to know what kind of data is found on each MNPRX target.