What is MNPRX?

MNPRX is a direct stylization framework and real-time stylized renderer (currently only for Autodesk Maya™). It enables artists and studios to create unique styles, by using and personalizing one of our already existing styles. Check out the available styles in our growing style library here.

Will MNPRX work on my system?

Currently, there are versions of MNPRX available for Windows 10. For Linux [CentOS] and Mac only upon request for bulk purchases.

Is my computer strong enough to run MNPRX smoothly?

To run MNPRX smoothly, a modern graphics card (2+GB is recommended). For higher resolutions and scene complexity, more is needed.

Can I use MNPRX commercially?

For commercial use, the MNPRX Indie Version (for private individuals and teams/small companies up to 10 employees) and MNPRX Studio Version (for big teams and companies with 11 employees and above) can be purchases here.

Can I transfer a license to another computer?

Yes, this is possible but only if the software on the previous PC has been inactive for at least 24h. Read more about it here.

Can I change back to the normal viewport?

Changing renderer in the viewport
All viewport renderers are listed here.

Yes, just change the viewport renderer from MNPRX to Viewport 2.0.