MNPRX licensing basics

Purchasing MNPRX grants you a license that allows you to use the full functionality of MNPRX. This license takes the form of an activation code that is sent to you (typically by email) alongside your copy of MNPRX. If you did not receive an activation code, please contact sales.

A single MNPRX license can be active on only one machine at a time. An internet connection is required for running the licensed version of MNPRX. Running the non-commercial version does not require any internet connection.

Activating a license

In order to use the full version of MNPRX on a machine, you need to activate your license on this machine. The first time MNPRX is run, you will be prompted with the following dialog:

First-time activation dialog
First-time activation dialog.

Choose Activate with key to activate a purchased license for this machine and have access to the full functionality of MNPRX. If you did not purchase MNPRX, Activate non-commercial will activate the non-commercial version of MNPRX on this machine, with limited functionality. If you don’t want to activate your license now, click Cancel to run MNPRX as non-commercial this time only. You will be prompted again the next time Maya starts.

After clicking Activate with key, enter the activation code that you received when purchasing MNPRX:

Enter activation code.
Enter your activation code in the text box and click OK.

After MNPRX checks that the key is valid, and if the license has not yet been activated, you will be prompted with the End-User-License Agreement (EULA):

End-User-License Agreement dialog
End-User-License Agreement (EULA).

Once you have read and agree to the End-User License Agreement, click on I Agree. You will then be asked to activate your license on the machine. Click Activate to confirm and activate this machine, or Cancel to abort activation.

Confirm activation
Confirm activation by clicking Activate.

License migration

When activating a license on a machine, if the license has already been activated on another machine outside of the last 24 hours, the license will automatically migrate to the new machine, and the old machine will be deactivated. Note that you must wait at least 24 hours after the last activation to migrate the license on another machine. Until then, activation will fail.

After inputting the activation code, you will be prompted to confirm the migration of the license to this machine. Click Activate to confirm, or Cancel to abort activation and run as non-commercial for this run of Maya. Note that the other machine will be deactivated.

Activation failure

In case the activation code is not valid, or the existing license is no longer valid, an error message will appear. Retry will prompt you to enter a valid activation code, and Cancel will run MNPRX as non-commercial this time only.


I’ve activated the non-commercial version of MNPRX previously and now want to activate an Indie or Studio license
First of all, thanks for supporting us and purchasing our software!
The easiest way to activate your license is as follows:

  1. Run the installation method again from where MNPRX is installed
  2. Delete the existing non-commercial license when prompted
  3. Restart Maya
  4. Load MNPRX and activate it with your license key

My activation failed with the activation code that was given
If for some reason activation fails, make sure to try the following:

  • Double-check the inputted activation code.
  • Check that your subscription has not expired and that you have not activated all available licenses within the past 24 hours.
  • Delete the license file at $MAYA_APP_DIR/MNPRX.lic (MAYA_APP_DIR location) to reset the license, restart Maya and try to activate again.

If the issue persists, please contact sales so that we can get you onboard as soon as possible.

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  3. License migration
  4. Activation failure
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