Table of Contents

  1. Replacing MNPRX
  2. Fresh Install
  3. Updating materials
  4. FAQ

MNPRX is updated almost every month, so its important to stay current to continue being able to render and benefit from all the latest features. Fortunately, updating is even easier than installing MNPRX.

Replacing MNPRX

The easiest way to update MNPRX (if you are coming from MNPR, please perform a fresh install) is by replacing the existing files with the ones from the new version.

  1. Download the latest MNPRX version and unzip all files.
  2. With the Maya application closed, replace all the existing MNPRX files with the new ones.
  3. Start Maya and continue using MNPRX as you always have.

Fresh Install

If you’d like to keep the old version or start fresh, unzip all files and install the new version of MNPRX from a different directory, following the installation instructions.

Updating materials

Some updates require you to update the existing ShaderFX materials in the scene to take advantage of new features. This is done in the MNPRX shelf, by right clicking on the mPre tool -> Update ShaderFX materials.

Updating ShaderFX materials
Right click on the mPre tool -> Update ShaderFX materials.


I want to perform a fresh install but would like to keep my presets
To transfer your presets to the new installation, simply copy the presets within the presets folder that you wish to transfer, and paste them where the presets of the new installation are.