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Demo Reel 2022

It’s been 3 years since we released MNPRX and we finally have a Demo Reel! Thank you for using MNPRX/Flair, this is just the beginning.

Demo reel poster frame

Flair - Early Access

We are incredibly excited to finally bring to you Flair on Early Access! Available for Patrons and Indie/Studio subscribers. More info on Discord!


Stylizing a Scene from Scratch #4 - Wrapping Up!

In this tutorial we modify the composition of the shot, use displacement in ShaderFX to break the generic forms of 3D models and polish the look!


Stylizing a Scene from Scratch #3 - Stylizing the Shot

In this tutorial we stylize the entire scene and go through each level-of-control to art-direct it to our liking.


Stylizing a Scene from Scratch #2 - Globals and Best Practices

In this tutorial we set the initial global parameters and talk about some of the best practices when working with references.


Stylizing a Scene from Scratch #1 - Preparing the scene

In this tutorial we go in-depth into preparing the scene and troubleshooting any problems you might encounter along the way.


Ship in Clouds - Demo Scene

Find a new exclusive demo scene available in our Discord server for patrons, Indie and Studio licenses!