MNPRX shelf
The MNPRX shelf with its three segments: Art-direction, Lighting/Testing and Rendering.

The MNPRX shelf contains all tools required to work with MNPRX, separated into three segments:

  • Art-direction
  • Lighting/Testing
  • Rendering. While most users will find themselves working with the first segment, it’s important to understand what the remaining two segments are for.


The art-direction tools can be found in the left side of the shelf, ordered from highest to lowest level of control. These consist of:

  1. MNPRX - opens the browser with the MNPRX documentation.
  2. style - opens the Stylization Presets to load/save predefined styles and their parameters [docs].
  3. conf - selects the configuration node to change each style attribute [docs].
  4. mPre - opens the Material Presets to load/save predefined MNPRX materials and their parameters [docs].
    Right click -> Update ShaderFX materials will automatically update all ShaderFX materials to the newest version.
  5. mat - selects the material of currently selected objects e.g., the mnpr_uber or mnpr_geoproxy materials.
    Double click refreshes the Attribute Editor of the material, forcing the ShaderFX framework to show all attributes.
    Right click -> Select all objects with material will select all objects that share the same material.
  6. nFx - opens the NoiseFX window that lets you control effects procedurally on MNPR materials [docs].
  7. pFx - opens the PaintFX window that lets you paint each effect directly on your 3D models [docs].


The lighting and testing tools allow to easily create the supported lights within MNPRX and to troubleshoot if things are not looking quite right.

  1. Supported lights - shelf icons for the four different supported lights: ambient, directional, point (no shadow maps) and spot light.
  2. pass - opens the Pass Inspector, which lets you toggle on/off each stylization pass and troubleshoot the inner workings of the stylization itself.
  3. test - creates a simple default test scene with default lighting.


  1. tbox - opens the MNPRX Toolbox window, containing handy tools to work with MNPRX in production [docs].
  2. rendr - opens up the viewport renderer, which quickly allows to save screenshots or playblasts [docs].
  3. tSeq - opens up the target sequence renderer, which allows to render all different passes for production [docs].
  4. supp. - opens the browser straight to support on this webpage.

Table of Contents

  1. Art-direction
  2. Lighting/Testing
  3. Rendering