About the Author

Yogyakarta - Indonesia 2018

I am Santiago Montesdeoca Ph.D. (Singapore), a hybrid artist/engineer/researcher with profound interest and expertise in non-photorealistic and expressive rendering methodologies. My recent Ph.D. research has led me to publish award-winning papers in the field and to present my work at SIGGRAPH’s Real-Time Live! and Pixar Animation Studios.

My personal aim is to empower artists to fully express themselves in any style using 3D computer animation. Therefore, I develop customized technology, optimized for real-time art-direction to alleviate animation workflows and enable individual narratives through unique looks.

In my free time I enjoy dancing, eating/preparing delicious food, taking photographs of moments and places, traveling, watching/imagining/creating movies, snowboarding, playing a game here and there, playing guitar and being outside under the sunlight.

Ex Lucasfilm jedi, EF entrepreneur, NTU-IGS computer graphics Ph.D., studio.coop co-founder, HdM audiovisual media engineer, farm manager and more, which can be seen in my: