The MNPRX toolbox is a handy collection of tools to use MNPRX in production. The toolbox can be opened by clicking on the tbox shelf icon.

MNPRX Toolbox
The MNPRX Toolbox contains a growing set of useful tools for production.

Import/export MNPRX stylization

Importing/exporting the stylization is crucial in professional production workflows and can be done with the Import/Export Tool. We go into detail about this tool in the Import/Export Tool documentation.

Bulk Attribute

Only available for Indie and Studio licenses, the bulk attribute allows to easily change MNPRX material settings and attributes in bulk. To open the tool window, click on the Bulk Attribute button in the MNPRX Toolbox.

Bulk attribute tool
The bulk attribute tool contains the active settings of selected MNPRX materials.

The settings and attributes that appear on the Bulk Attribute tool depend on what materials you have selected in the scene.

By default, the tool will automatically refresh when the selection changes to show the attributes/settings of the current selection. You can disable this behaviour by unchecking the Auto-refresh option within the tool and refreshing manually through the Refresh button.

The material will be automatically gathered from any object you currently have selected. You can disable this bahavior by unchecking Auto-materials at the bottom right of the UI. If disabled, you will need to select the materials yourself for the attributes/settings to appear in the Bulk Attribute tool.

Delete PaintFX

Deleting PaintFX can be useful in a various situations

  • To start using PaintFX again from scratch
  • To reduce file size, while keeping the PaintFX values in the exported file
  • To recover the construction history of the vertex color sets to animate PaintFX (remember to export the current PaintFX first and import them back in afterwards)

To use it, simply select the objects from which you’d like to remove the PaintFX, and click on the Delete PaintFX button.

If nothing is selected, the tool will try to delete the PaintFX of ALL objects in the scene.

Unsubdivide Previews

Unsubdivide Previews can be useful in a various situations where you need to work with light meshes.

  • When using the Velocity PV attribute in the style configuration node, to improve upon the performance and correctly advect (attach) the substrate to the underlying motion.
  • For performance and stability issues on computers running with integrated graphics

To use it, simply select the objects from which you’d like to unsubdivide and click on the Unsubdivide Previews button.

If nothing is selected, the tool will try to unsubdivide ALL meshes/shapes in the scene.

Table of Contents

  1. Import/export MNPRX stylization
  2. Bulk Attribute
  3. Delete PaintFX
  4. Unsubdivide Previews