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Salar de Atacama - Chile 2014

About the Author

I am Santiago, a PhD candidate in Computer Graphics at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I do research at the Multi-plAtform Game and Innovation Centre (MAGIC), which is part of the Interdisciplinary Graduate School.

I have a profound interest on pushing the current boundaries of computer graphics and experimenting the unknown through Non-Photorealistic Rendering - enabling new narratives through unique looks. I am also an optimization enthusiast who likes to alleviate animation workflows by creating and making use of customized technology.

In my free time I enjoy to dance, eat/prepare delicious food, photograph moments and places, travel, watch/imagine/create movies, snowboard, play a game here and there, animate, play guitar and being barefoot outside either on sand or grass.

Ex Lucasfilm Jedi, studio.coop co-founder, Stuttgart Audiovisual-Media Engineer, farm manager and more, which can be seen in my:

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