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Art-direct your Stylized 3D Render

Real-time NPR rendering for Autodesk Maya
- formerly known as MNPRX -

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Join artists and studios transforming their 3D renders

Stylizing Pony by Slava Zhuravlev
Pony 3D model stylized with FlairPony 3D model in Viewport 2.0

Style it YOUR way

Create, modify and completely control your stylized render in real-time using Flair.

Feature Highlights


Modify the 3D style with tools for all levels-of-control to art-direct the look your way.
Note Daughter by


Import/Export the style and art-direction across scenes and render out all AOVs for further comp.

Real-time Rendering

Render in milliseconds and see the changes you are doing immediately in the viewport.

Style Library

Use one of our growing library of production-proven 3D styles or create your own.

Make Your Own

Use the Flair graph to make your own style using nodes (shaders) and generate your controls.

More Features

Custom Maya Materials

Custom materials adding native support for full-res UDIMs, light linking and hypershade nodes in the viewport.


Achieve the best anti-aliasing though supersampling (SSAA) and temporal supersampling (TAA).

Per-Vertex Velocity

Per-vertex motion vectors even from deformations. Nothing to precompute, just plug-and-play.

Canvas Advection

Make any canvas infinite and attach the patterns of the canvas to the animation to reduce the shower door effect.

Sequence Renderer

Render out the desired AOVs as a bundled EXR sequence  within the Maya interface or in batch mode.

Bulk attribute

Modify multiple materials at once  with a dynamic UI that populates depending on the selection.

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Talk to us about premium support, private training, custom terms and your unique vision for a custom setup of Flair for Maya, tailored to your wishes and needs.


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Shaofu Zhang LinkedIn Image

There are some tools that seem to work like magic. Flair is one of these tools. When we were in need of a stylized fuzzy look for Bidoof's Big Stand, we turned to Flair. It gave us not only a distinct frayed edge look, but also a myriad of customizable options that helped us tackle a variety of use cases on a shot by shot basis. The ease of use of the toolset along with responsive support from Santiago's team helped us deliver our project on time to fantastic results. I highly recommend Flair for anyone looking to push the look of their 3D projects and separate their work from traditional CG!

— Shaofu Zhang (TAIKO Studios - CEO/Director), November 15, 2023 

Bruno Simões LinkedIn Image

At Studio Kimchi we have extensively used Flair on two of our original short films, The Doctor’s Wife and Kafka’s Doll. We had different styles and different needs for each of them, but Flair has covered all our needs, and allowed us to fulfil our vision. Santiago even wrote a custom Fusion node for us so we could use the Frayed edges feature on Arnold renders in Blackmagic Fusion. We totally recommend Flair, and look forward to use it again in the future in order to achieve new stylised looks.

— Bruno Simões (Studio Kimchi - Director), November 06, 2023 

Joël Gibbs LinkedIn Image

Artineering's MNPRX was exactly what we needed when developing the look for "The Moon Followed Me to Falmouth". We even swapped mid-production to using the beta of Flair for its outline treatment because it was so much better looking than a competitor render engine. Great tool for creating imagery outside the standard 3D look. We're looking forward to our next endeavor with Artineering!

— Joël Gibbs (Magnetic Dreams/Armada - Director), November 06, 2023 

Shad Bradbury LinkedIn Image

MNPRX was instrumental in achieving the look of our short film Run Totti Run.  Not only did it deliver a completely unique style but they were there every step of the way to help, fix, and implement any changes that our production needed.  We couldn't have done it without them.  5 Stars!

— Shad Bradbury (Independent - Director), June 12, 2022 

Andrew Chesworth Twitter Image

This was one of our most challenging projects at @TAIKOStudios. Grateful for the talent, dedication & artistic growth of our small team. In under 4 months they pulled off a miracle. Thanks to @chelseablecha, Noor Sofi, Connie He, @notpainted & @artineering for pushing the evelope
— Andrew Chesworth (Taiko Studios - Head of Development), January 13, 2020  

Taiko Studios Twitter image

Thank you @artineering for all of the support on this technique! The frayed edges track with the 3D mesh, enhancing the feeling of a moving illustration.

— TAIKO Studios, January 11, 2020 

  1. Must not involve direct commercial use to generate profits. Example non-commercial use cases include evaluation, research, personal projects and individual student projects; licenses for educational institutions are available on a yearly basis only.
  2. Licenses can be migrated between seats after 12 hours from the previous activation (activation docs).
  3. Compared to buying the license on a month-by-month basis.
  4. To use Flair you will have to agree to the End-User Licensing Agreement applicable to your license: Flair Free EULA, Flair Community EULA, Flair Indie EULA, Flair Studio EULA. You can unsubscribe at any given time to terminate the license and switch back to the free license.
  5. Free version is limited in resolution to 1280 x 800 and contains a small watermark. Ideal for students and individuals that want to give Flair a try.
  6. Contact Us for Linux versions of Flair for Maya. The same license can be used in both Windows and Linux versions of Flair.