Tallinn, where our Company was founded

Our Story

Artineering was founded in 2019 with the goal of bringing new stylized looks to 3D animation.

We released our first render plugin, MNPRX, in 2020, bringing our award-winning research in real-time art-direction and watercolor effects to the hands of any 3D artist using Autodesk Maya. In the years that followed, we grew the features and the library of stylized looks by supporting various productions and catering to international studio requirements.

In 2022, we finally released Flair, the evolution of MNPRX, taking control over the entire rendering pipeline and allowing us to push the envelope beyond real-time compositing.

Now, we are focused on making Flair the go-to real-time stylized renderer on various host applications. At the same time, we continue to grow the effects and looks that can be achieved in Flair, so that artists can render their unique vision, without limitations.

Curious to see some of the work from amazing artists and studios using Flair? Check out our animation Spotlight.

We craft our software in close collaboration with our community and clients like you.
So get in touch through Discord or via email and let’s flair things up!

Photo of Santiago Montesdeoca
Santiago Montesdeoca
PhD, CEO, Founder
Photo of Henriette Montesdeoca
Henriette Montesdeoca
Marketing and Sales Manager