The open-source non-photorealistic rendering framework for Maya

Maya NPR Framework

MNPR was released in 2018 as a research prototype and is not production-ready.
If you want to use MNPR for a project, you should use Flair or MNPRX, instead.
Check the MNPRX release log to view the new available features!

The Maya Non-photorealistic Rendering Framework (MNPR) is a direct 3D stylization framework developed as part of Santiago Montesdeoca’s PhD research in Real-time Watercolor Rendering of 3D Objects and Animation with Enhanced Control. It partially contains and supports the technology found in:

It proposes a direct stylization framework for Expressive Rendering, another common term for Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR), directly in the Maya viewport. This makes the system instantly familiar to artists accustomed to the software. The backend is developed using C++ and HLSL/GLSL, whereas the frontend is being handled through Python and MEL.

The prototype framework has been open-sourced under the MIT License and it can be found at GitHub and NTU’s data repository. The professional, customized and actively maintained version Flair is based upon this original work.

Key Features