Stylized cutout font
3D rendered text using MNPRX and the Cutout stylization

Cutout shader style

The Cutout shader style brings real-time cutout rendering of 3D objects and animation within Autodesk Maya!
3D Cutout animation in real-time.

The Cutout shader style emulates paper cutout animation, with two sheets of paper layered on top of each other. Normally, the top layer is “cut-out”, revealing the bottom layer underneath. Nonetheless, this behaviour can be inverted to replicate simple, two layered paper-cut animation—as seen in the second example in the video above, where the purple goes to the background).

Main Features

  • Cutout or paper-cut styles with two different paper sheets
  • Canvas- and lighting-based effects for the perfect cutout
  • Specialized and simple cutout material to set colors per object
  • Use VertexFX and NoiseFX to attach effects onto the animation
  • Silhouette is king, tell stories entirely based on cutout silhouettes

The style can be art-directed at each level of control in Flair with its custom materials and tools. More information found in the Flair documentation.

A cutout walkcycle playing with silhouettes and negative spaces

Featured examples