Stylized hatching font
3D rendered text using MNPRX and the Hatching stylization

Hatching Shader Style

The Hatching shader style brings real-time hatching to 3D objects and animation within Autodesk Maya!
3D Hatching animation in real-time.
This stylization is still in alpha stage and is therefore experimental, likely to contain bugs, and should not be considered production-quality yet. However, you are highly encouraged to try it out on your scenes, push it to its limits, use it in weird and unexpected ways, break it, and send us feedback or suggestions about what you would like to see.

The Hatching shader style emulates hatching animation that traditionally uses fine, tightly-packed lines to depict shading on objects. However, it can also be used to emulate stippling, by setting the hatching length to 0 (zero)—as seen in the second example in the video above.

Main Features

  • Different hatching roughnesses by changing the stroke/point density
  • Strokes/points always stay the same size at different distances
  • Strokes/points don’t require any UVs on the objects
  • Art-direct and control the stroke orientation and width

The style can be art-directed at each level of control in Flair with its custom materials and tools. More information found in the Flair documentation.