3D rendered text using Flair and the Lines shader style

Lines Shader Style

Toon and sketch lines in real-time
The Lines shader style brings real-time toon and sketch lines to 3D objects and animation within Autodesk Maya.
3D sketch animation in real-time.

The Lines shader style renders toon and sketch lines directly in the viewport! With art-direction, these lines can be used to render comics, cartoons, anime and even 3D sketches. Use the final result or render the lines separately to combine them with passes from other renderers.

Main Features

  • Generate and customize lines from color, lighting, flow and depth
  • Art-direct the line width locally, globally or based on depth
  • Art-direct the line color based on the object's original color, a global color,  and the lighting around them
  • Erase or draw inlines as desired onto the objects
  • Offset lines to create sketch lines that stick onto animated objects
  • Art-direct the sketch line intensity and its sketchiness
  • Render line AOVs for easy compositing in Nuke
  • Pigment-based effects such as pigment turbulence
  • Canvas-based effects such as paper granulation and lighting
Steamboat Willie, 3D model by Adrian Cojocaru.

The style can be art-directed at each level of control in Flair with its custom materials and tools. Read more about the lines shader style in the Flair documentation.