Stylized frayed font
3D rendered text using MNPRX and the Frayed stylization

Frayed Shader Style

The Frayed shader style brings real-time frayed edges to 3D objects and animation within Autodesk Maya.
3D Frayed animation in real-time.

The Frayed shader style style emulates the slightly distorted edges found when painting with traditional media. Inspired by the styles of short films like Feast and Age of Sail, the frayed edges will stick to objects under animation. It also inherits many pigment-, canvas- and edge-based effects from the watercolor shader style.

Main Features

  • Frayed edges stick onto animated objects
  • Control the frequency and amplitude of frayed edges
  • Pigment-based effects such as pigment turbulence
  • Edge-based effects such as edge darkening and gaps & overlaps
  • Canvas-based effects such as paper granulation and lighting
  • The stylization is also available in Nuke for Indie/Studio subscribers for frayed edges in offline renders (i.e., Arnold, Renderman)

The style can be art-directed at each level of control in Flair with its custom materials.
More information found in the Flair documentation.

Mech Droid with frayed edges, 3D model by Willy Decarpentrie

Featured examples