Non-photorealistic renderer for Autodesk Maya™

Growing library of styles with real-time performance in the viewport

Watercolor in 3D

Paper cutout in 3D

Frayed edges in 3D

Hatching and Stippling in 3D

Your unique style in 3D


Artist-friendly toolset to art-direct and transfer the stylization between scenes.

Four different levels of control

Real-time Rendering

Rendering frames in milliseconds, save image sequences and passes in multiple formats and resolutions.

Run Totti Run, short film by Shad Bradbury


Combine MNPRX with Arnold or any other offline renderer for unmatched flexibility during compositing.

Wiz Biz, model by Tom Robinson


MNPRX is accessible to everyone!


  • Non commercial use1
  • No anti-aliasing
  • Render at up to 1080p
  • Community-based support


Non-commercial license5



  • Commercial use for
    private individuals/teams and small companies2
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Render at up to 16K3
  • Email support

- per-seat4 -

Indie licenses5:


MNPRX Studio

  • Commercial use
    for companies/teams of any size
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Render at up to 16K3
  • Live support

- per-seat4 -

Studio licenses5:


For bulk purchases or site licenses, please contact sales.


Let’s create your own unique 3D style together

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Features of Indie/Studio licenses

No resolution restrictions
Improve renders with anti-aliasing
Batch change multiple attributes


  • Maya 2017, 2018, 2019 (with updates)
  • Windows 10 (Linux [CentOS] and Mac upon request for bulk purchases of over 10 licenses)
  • Modern Graphics Card (2+ GB recommended, more is needed at higher resolutions and scene complexity)

  1. Must not involve direct commercial use to generate profits. Example non-commercial use cases include evaluation, education, research, and personal projects.
  2. Small companies of up to ten (10) employees.
  3. Provided the graphics card and its driver supports stable rendering at such resolutions.
  4. Licenses can be migrated between seats after 24 hours from the previous activation (activation docs).
  5. To use MNPRX you will have to agree to the End-User Licensing Agreement applicable to your license: MNPRX NC EULA, MNPRX Indie EULA, MNPRX Studio EULA. You can unsubscribe at any given month to terminate the license and switch back to non-commercial uses.